How I connected my Namecheap domain to Gitlab pages

After some struggle, (their docs are not easy) I succeeded to connect my domain bought on Namecheap,, to my website on gitlab pages. I actually created two customs domains on Gitlab Pages (“Settings” -> “Pages”): and Here is my configuration in the “Advanced DNS section on Namecheap that made the verification on Gitlab pages work : Delete all the default records set by Namecheap; Add an “A” record pointing to 35.

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Why I went static for my site

Or why as coder I finally decided to code my website For about one year I were a Zenfolio customer, and I have not much complain about their service (and their support), except their big visible logo on top-right corner of my website. I really liked their many available templates and their online DAM to handle my images naming, tagging and organization. This way I thought I could more focus on my pictures.

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